Surveys & Interviews Conducted

Surveys & Interviews Were Conducted To Find Out How The Rights Were Being Addressed Currently

In 2017, Susan Foster, the ECD Coordinator and Angelo Lam, the MCM Coordinator created surveys for children aged 5 to 12 to see how they felt about the 12 rights on the Children's Charter of Rights. The surveys were completed with the assistance of SD43. Parents were also given questions about the charter to see how well these rights were being addressed from their perspective. Finally, key representatives from our Accord Partners were interviewed to find out how they were already addressing these rights.

We found out the Tri-Cities was doing a great deal with children in mind. The data was compiled into a report that was presented to our Accord Partners in November of 2017. In consultation with our Accord Partners, we developed a plan of action that would allow the community to directly focus on a few key rights. The action plan briefly summarizes how the Tri-Cities community is adopting and addressing the 12 Children's Charter Rights that were created by children in our community and also identifies 4 Rights as areas of focus.

Survey Results
Tri-Cities Childrens Charter of Rights and Action Plan 2018 Front
Tri-Cities Childrens Charter of Rights and Action Plan - Back

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