Tri-Cities Children's Accord

The Accord

The Tri-Cities Children's Accord is a document that is signed by Accord Partners each year beginning in 2011 to affirm a commitment to supporting early and middle childhood development and the Tri-Cities Children's Charter of Rights. The Accord Partners were originally known as Early Childhood Public Partners as well as Early and Middle Childhood Public Partners.

How It Evolved

The Early Childhood Development Committee created the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Community Accord as a way to recognize early childhood development. They worked with public partners to affirm their recognition of the importance of supporting early childhood development.

The first time the Accord was signed was at the 2nd Annual Tri-Cities Champions for Young Children Awards of Excellence Event in 2011. It was signed each year and evolved into the Tri-Cities Children's Accord in 2016, at which point it included middle childhood years and the Tri-Cities Children's Charter of Rights. It continues to be re-affirmed by Accord Partners each year.

We thank our Accord Partners (Early and Middle Childhood Public Partner) for agreeing that the Early and Middle Childhood Years (birth to 12 years) are critical in the healthy development and future well-being of children in our communities.