Community Calendars

Committees & Organizations Involved
Tri-Cities ECD Committee

Primarily Ministry of Children and Family Development, and some years the United Way of the Lower Mainland also contributed funds

Tri-Cities ECD Committee

Each year from 2006 until 2018, the ECD Committee created and printed calendars for families and care-givers of children aged 0-6 in the Tri-Cities community. The purpose of the calendar was to raise awareness of the importance of the early years. The information within the calendars helped to introduce and connect parents and caregivers of young children to developmental information and community resources.

The calendar was made available in English, Chinese, Farsi and Korean and was well received by our community. It was a way to inform parents about the amazing resources, programs and services available to them in the Tri-Cities area.

Click on the images to view examples of the calendar pages.

August 2013 Calendar Page Example
October 2013 Calendar Page Example