Unplug & Connect

A child’s mind and body develops according to how it is used, and studies clearly show that Canadian children are spending a large part of each day with screen media. 

Unplug & Connect began to help parents navigate around the challenges of raising children in a world where screens are prevalent.

Find out how you and your child(ren) can unplug & connect:

To Nature

Find out why unplugging and connecting to nature is so important. View tips and activities you can do to get outside and connect with nature.

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To People

Face to face communication is important to a child's development and provides many benefits. Find out what you can do to help your child connect with others in person.

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To Physical Activity

Children & adolescents should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Find out how you can make physical activity part of your daily routine.

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To Arts & Culture

Creating art develops children’s problem solving and critical thinking skills. Find out more about the benefits of arts and culture on a child's development as well as how to incorporate it into your activities.

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To Sleep

Sleep is essential to a child's development. Find out more about the recommended amount of sleep for various ages and tips on how to unplug and get to those recommended hours.

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Additional Resources

View helpful websites, strategies and local resources to help you and your children unplug and connect!

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