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YMCA CCRR's Tri-Cities Drop-In Programs for Families With Children
To find the drop-in programs list scroll down to the heading "Program Materials", click on "Show All Materials" and click on the "Tri-Cities Drop-In Programs for Families with Children". Child care resources are also available.

Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)
A collaborative, interdisciplinary research network which explores how different early environments and experiences impact a child's development in the early years. They bring together various scientific viewpoints to address early childhood development issues.

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For Parents

  • Media Smarts
    Canada's centre for digital and media literacy includes topics on cyber security, cyber bullying at more.

For Professionals

These resources offer information on various topics related to children. When evaluating parenting resources ask:

  • Who is the author?
  • Is the information current? 
  • Is it from a reputable source?
  • Is it based on a respectful approach to parenting? 
  • Is it research based? 
  • Does it fit with your values, beliefs and knowledge of your children?