Avenues of Change

Committee(s) & Organizations Involved:
Tri-Cities ECD Committee supported initiative with Westcoast Family Centres Society hosting

Funded by the United Way of the Lower Mainland

Westcoast Family Centres

The Initiative

The United Way of the Lower Mainland’s Avenues of Change (UWAOC) initiative is a unique bottom-up, community-driven initiative that integrates local knowledge and expertise into programs and projects that aim to achieve a common objective of preparing more children to succeed by the start of school. Due to a number of factors including socioeconomic status, health, and vulnerability scores on the Early Development Instrument (EDI), the Coquitlam River neighbourhood was selected as a pilot site for the UWAOC initiative. Since the inception of this UWAOC project in 2013, numerous accomplishments and achievements were made throughout the different phases of the project. Some of these activities include networking tables, park-clean ups, and the #HiNeighbour Campaign. We would like to thank the dedication and passion in our network of partner organizations within the Tri-Cities who have been committed to the shared goal of creating a neighbourhood in which children and families will thrive.

Evaluation of Progress

The UWAOC Coquitlam River Advisory Committee  engaged with the Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) to evaluate their progress towards achieving the outcomes outlined in the Improving Child Well-Being Theory of Change (ToC). The Evaluation Team evaluated foundational community capacity, the preconditions and medium-term outcomes with a focus on the following theme areas: (1) Physical and Natural Environments; (2) Institutional Environment; and (3) Social Connectedness. Some of the results are as follows:

  • Strong achievement has been made  towards improving the community  supports and services so that the needs of children and families are met
  • Moderately strong achievement has been made towards strong assessment and planning.
  • Moderately strong achievement has been made towards ensuring playgrounds are accessible and safe.
  • Moderately strong achievement has been made towards ensuring community leaders were  engaged and involved.

Westcoast Family Centres Society continues to engage in community initiatives in collaboration with community partners and other like-minded organizations.

To learn more please visit Westcoast Family Centres - Avenues of Change.