Visioning Event

The Tri-Cities Children's Charter Community Visioning Event provided the community an opportunity to discuss 5 key questions:

  1. Why is a Children's Charter important?
  2. What could it look like?
  3. What will we do with it?
  4. How will we display it?
  5. Who needs to get on board?

Thanks to:

  • Susan Foster (Coordinator, ECD Planning Table) for facilitating the event;
  • Michael Fox (Recreation Facility Supervisor, Pinetree Community Centre) for offering the location;
  • Anique Ross (Child and Youth Friendly Communities Manager, Society for Children and Youth of BC) for the Child Rights overview presentation;
  • students participating from Cape Horn Elementary School and Montgomery Middle School for amazing ideas;
  • and everyone in the community that participated.

Special thanks to the Tri-Cities Children's Charter Working Group for planning the visioning event.

All the photos of this event are taken by the talented Jeff Stromgren.