2019 ECD & MCM Accomplishments

In 2019 the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee and Middle Childhood Matters Committee accomplished the following:

  • Updated Tri-Cities Children’s Accord, including the Tri-Cities Children’s Charter, signed on May 10, 2018. Will be re-affirmed in April and May 2019. ECD MCM
  • Continued distribution of Child Development Wheels - these are being distributed at the 20+ events that the ECD Committee attends annually and through community agencies. ECD
  • Completed the distribution of the 2018 Tri-Cities Community Map, in partnership with the Tri-Cities Literacy Committee. ECD
  • Hosted the 9th Annual Champions for Young Children Awards of Excellence on May 10, 2018. ECD
  • Continued participation in the planning and delivery of the annual “Tri-Cities Healthy Kids Fair”; monthly Family, Play and Learn Events at Coquitlam Centre; and Ready, Set, Learn events. ECD
  • Maintenance of the following websites: Tri-Cities ECD Website, Tri-Cities Middle Childhood Matters, Tri-Cities Unplug & Connect, Tri-Cities Child Rights; social media presence on Twitter @tricitiesecd @MCM_TC ECD MCM
  • Co-hosted the annual Child Care Appreciation event on  May 16, 2018. ECD MCM
  • Planned and delivered professional development events for ECD Practitioners: A Family’s Journey with a Child on the Autism Spectrum in October; Creating Inclusive Spaces Through a SOGI Lens in January 2019: and our annual Family Drop-In Programs Pro-D Day, which was held in February 2019. ECD
  • The official launch of the Tri-Cities Children’s Charter on April 18, 2018. ECD MCM
  • Continued work on the “Screen Smart” Initiative with other Community partners. ECD MCM
  • Supported the advisory committee for the “Tri-Cities Early Years Centre”. The Centre’s funding ended on March 31, 2019. ECD
  • Worked with the Tri-Cities Healthy Living Working Group to continue promoting the Live 5-2-1-0 message to the Tri-Cities. ECD MCM
  • With the goal of promoting family friendly businesses, we have continued our Family Friendly Business Working Group, with several of our business partners, and placed book boxes in several local businesses. ECD
  • Hosted Annual Research Day in November of 2018. ECD MCM
  • Created a 2018 Tri-Cities Report on Children and Families. ECD MCM
  • Participated in the Child Care Task Force initiated by School District 43. ECD MCM
  • Worked on the amalgamation of the early and middle childhood websites, creating a new website – www.tckm.ca (Tri-Cities Kids Matter) ECD MCM
  • Worked with the Healthier Community Partnership to recommend that the cities all refer to the Children’s Charter on their websites. ECD MCM